with Seva Ajeet

Reiki & Holistic Wellness Offerings

Please contact Amy Jayne for pricing and availability.

Studio reiki sessions

Each session includes a discussion of intention and full-body reiki incorporating crystal healing and aromatherapy. Sessions can range from 45 minutes to two hours. Reiki is  truly all about receiving - for maximum benefit, it is important that you lay back and relax, and that you don't feel rushed. Reiki can bring a wonderful feeling of deep relaxation, so please allow extra time to feel grounded before getting into your car to drive at the end of a session.

Distance reiki sessions

Reiki operates outside of the usual constructs of space and time, and effective treatments can be sent anywhere, any time to any consenting person, as well as to pets. Fifteen or 30 minute telephone and email reiki sessions are available. For distance reiki, it is especially important that you set your intention on remaining open to receiving.  It is suggested that you receive distance sessions from a meditative space if possible. Reiki may also be sent to an event or situation, not to change the outcome but to infuse that event with a loving energy and clarity.

guided meditations

I offer guided reiki mediation services and encourage my clients to explore and reconnect with their own healing powers. Our hands offer immense healing energy. This world can be a challenging place and encountering negativity and experiencing pain or fear is inevitable; this is why it's so important to be kind to yourself. Changing the world through love and peace starts with loving oneself - one can not give from an empty cup. It is empowering to place your hands on your own body and lovingly thank it for all that it does for you, from brain to feet – even if it doesn't feel perfect to you, even if it is missing a limb, you wouldn't be here without your physical body! 

in-home / in-office sessions

Depending on location, I am occasionally able to provide reiki sessions at your convenience in your home or office, or in a hospital or hospice. A portable reiki table is provided if space allows.  Each session includes discussion of intention, crystal meditation and reiki.

space clearing

Buildings and the materials we fill them with accumulate energy. It can be beneficial to occasionally clear a space of any negative or past energies that may have saturated a space. I provide space clearings using sage and palo santo, and I also offer crystal grids to create vibrations of protection, healing, peace and love.


You are the light that you are seeking.