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Meet Amy Jayne

"Through the limitless power of reiki, I offer a mirror to the beautiful, healing life force energy that
flows without exception through each and every living    being." 


Meet Amy Jayne

Amy Jayne Pilikowski

Amy Jayne Pilikowski

My intention in is to facilitate self-empowerment and relaxation through the limitless power of reiki.  As a reiki practitioner, I offer a mirror to the beautiful, healing life force energy that flows without exception through each and every living being.  

All kinds of stress, physical injury or emotional trauma from abuse, shame or guilt can cause energy blockages and imbalances that lead to pain, exhaustion or dis-ease. As a reiki practitioner, I channel universal life force energy and connect it with each client's energy, reminding it to flow freely and giving it a boost to clear away blockages and restore and rebalance energy flow. I incorporate healing crystals and aromatherapy into my sessions to help reconnect to Earth Mother and her vibrations. Appealing to different senses soothes both the mind and body and helps us feel connected to the natural rhythms of physical life on this planet, and to our energetic bodies.

I also offer guided reiki mediation services and encourage my clients to explore and reconnect with their own healing powers. There is a reason we all instinctively draw our hands to our bodies when we have a stomach ache or a migraine, or when we bang an elbow, scrape a knee or stub a toe – our hands offer immense healing energy. This world can be a challenging place and encountering negativity and experiencing pain or fear is inevitable; this is why it's so important to be kind to yourself. Changing the world through love and peace starts with loving oneself; one can not give from an empty cup. It is empowering to place your hands on your own body and lovingly thank it for all that it does for you, from brain to feet – even if it doesn't feel perfect to you, even if it is missing a limb, you wouldn't be here without your physical body! 

I have personally experienced profound healing from practicing self-reiki and from receiving reiki from professional practitioners. As a child and into adulthood I suffered from chronic strep throat infections, joint pain, sinus infections, and auto-immune disease progressing to lupus. I have always been extremely sensitive to my environment and the emotions of others. I struggled with self-love and empowerment and found it challenging to change my eating and drinking habits despite terrible food allergies and a feeling that alcohol was dangerous for me. I felt lethargic and hopeless and began to believe that pain was a way of life. I sought out plenty of unhealthy coping mechanisms that spiraled into debilitating habits that only worsened my grief and pain. I had an awakening in my late twenties that helped me feel worthy of universal love and allowed me to begin to understand my own healing powers. Energy work, mediation, welcoming a spiritual practice into my life for the first time and practicing kundalini yoga helped to restore energetic balance and provide the clarity to understand my own healing powers. Receiving reiki for the first time was like being hit by a bolt of lighting – I felt an immense rush of energy that flooded my body and I experienced an immediate release of an ancient emotional pain that I had been holding on to for decades. This experience was life changing and lead me down the path to becoming a reiki practitioner. I consider reiki to be a way of life. I practice self-reiki and meditation daily to stay healthy, grounded, balanced and connected to life source energy.

Most all who receive reiki come away feeling a noticeable shift and a sense of peace and wellbeing. Often people experience the sensation of a warm flood of peaceful energy wash over their bodies, some people see colors, others unexpectedly giggle or even cry as the energy flows. Some people drift off into a peaceful deep sleep. Some also experience a brief sensation of pain as a blockage is released, similar to a deep-tissue massage on an injured muscle that is momentarily intense but that ultimately results in a feeling of release and the lessening of stress, pain or grief. 

Something that is challenging to explain but that can really be felt and experienced is how reiki operates outside of society's constructs of space and time, beyond our physical understanding. It is therefore possible to send reiki energy from a distance to people who are not physically present. I offer distance reiki sessions over the telephone or by email. It is also possible to send energy to past or future events - not to change the outcome of these events, but to infuse that event and any aftermath with a loving energy that brings a feeling of peace and clarity. 

Reiki can be used in conjunction with any other medical practice. Reiki does not harm and can provide only benefit. Most people notice a difference in energy and a shift in physical pain after just one session. Age-old injuries and some blockages and traumas that have been building up over a long period of time may require multiple sessions to release. 

Receiving reiki from a professional practitioner can provide profound healing, emotional release and growth. It is important to remain open and surrender to receiving – reiki is truly about willingness to receiving the life force energy that exists with the exact purpose of flowing through you. It is important that you trust your practitioner so that you feel comfortable enough to be honest and to relax into receiving. Trust your intuition and ask questions so that you can choose a practitioner that feels right for you, whether it's me or one of the many other great practitioners out there. 

Please feel free to reach out with any questions or to schedule an appointment. 

Reiki light and love to all, from all,

Amy Jayne

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Welcome. This page was created with the intention of sending to all who visit it the absolute highest frequencies of love & reiki light.

Welcome. This page was created with the intention of sending to all who visit it the absolute highest frequencies of love & reiki light.


Amy Jayne Pilikowski is a certified Reiki Practitioner attuned to Usui and Holy Fire Reiki. She is a registered member of the International Association of Reiki Practitioners.

Smell the flowers. Nature knows. Reconnect with Earth Mother and feel how you are safe, nurtured and grounded.

Smell the flowers. Nature knows. Reconnect with Earth Mother and feel how you are safe, nurtured and grounded.

Reiki Practitioner Amy Jayne Pilikowski   photo credit: Rachel Lee Stroud

Reiki Practitioner Amy Jayne Pilikowski

photo credit: Rachel Lee Stroud