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Reiki with Amy Jayne

You are a divine being of light. 


Reconnect with your own divine light through reiki, a spiritually guided life force energy.

Receive reiki from master practitioner Amy Jayne 

Reiki (pronounced “ray-key”) is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that replenishes energy and wellbeing and reduces pain and fatigue through reconnecting the body with its own ability to heal naturally – not just the physical body, but the emotional, spiritual and mental bodies as well.  The word "Reiki"  means a spiritually guided life force energy.  This life force energy exists within us all, without exception. 

As a reiki practitioner, I facilitate the flow of energy through my hands, acting as mirror or a jumper cable for each client's own energy. 

Reiki Practitioner  Amy Jayne Pilikowski    Photo credit: Rachel Lee Stroud

Reiki Practitioner Amy Jayne Pilikowski

Photo credit: Rachel Lee Stroud

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Private studio based in Pasadena, California
Serving the Greater LA Area & Beyond
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Distance reiki and in-home / office sessions available.


Studio reiki sessions

Each reiki session lasts up to two hours and takes place in a private studio in Pasadena, California. Each session includes discussion of intention and full-body reiki incorporating crystal healing and aromatherapy.

Distance reiki sessions

Reiki operates outside of the usual constructs of space and time, and effective treatments can be sent anywhere, any time to any consenting person, as well as to pets. Fifteen or 30 minute telephone and email reiki sessions are available. For distance reiki, it is especially important that you set your intention on remaining open to receiving.  It is suggested that you receive distance sessions from a meditative space if possible.


in-home & in-office sessions

Depending on location, I am occasionally able to provide reiki sessions at your convenience in your home or office, or in a hospital or hospice. A portable reiki table is provided if space allows, though is not required, and each session includes discussion of intention, crystal meditation and reiki.

space clearings

Buildings and the materials we fill them with accumulate energy. It can be beneficial to occasionally clear a space of any negative or past energies that may occurred and saturated a space. I provide space clearings using sage and palo santo, and I also offer crystal grids to create vibrations of protection, healing, peace and love.

Photo by TomekD76/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by TomekD76/iStock / Getty Images

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Book a session with Amy Jayne and rediscover your own personal healing powers. 

"My hands are your hands. Our hands are healing hands. We are all capable of empowering ourselves to find healing."

- Amy Jayne Pilikowski

Stop and smell the flowers. Nature knows the way.

Stop and smell the flowers. Nature knows the way.